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Join the Women, Trans, and Gender Expansive Database for NYC Live Events

In response to: the stories in the news of how the COVID pandemic has only increased the gender disparity in the US workforce; plus descriptions of less gender diverse work sites, compared to pre-pandemic, from those fortunate enough to have found work in the events industry, during this time; Marciel Greene and Pamela Kupper have spent the better part of this year working towards a way to support gender inclusivity in the production end of the live events industry. That work ultimately compelled them to create a sharable database of the underrepresented genders as a way to support this mission.

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The database is for women, trans, and gender expansive people to help promote them within the production end of the live events industry.

All information is available to credible industry people via a Google Sheet. It has been shared with producers, crewing companies, designers and creatives that are looking to hire a diverse production staff.

For access to the database, please reach out to Pamela Kupper and/or Marciel Greene.