Thesan Lighting Design


Leveraging the principles of light, THESAN aims to awaken the senses, materialize moments, and elicit, transforming space and time.

THESAN, is a firm rooted in intentional design with diverse distinction. As a woman-owned business, and with over 20 years of experience, THESAN offers a full spectrum of design and lighting production services. From large, in-person events to virtual live streams, THESAN uses its specialization in theatrical, experiential, ephemeral and environmental-based lighting design to elevate the audience's experience.

Pamela Kupper, Founder and Principal, brings her talent to THESAN for discerning detail, uncompromising commitment, and industry recognized innovation, regardless of budget. She also consciously collaborates with clients to meet their needs and partners with technical artists across the industry to push the boundaries in excellence. Under her direction, THESAN inspires inclusive practices, creative ingenuity, and cultivates community in all corners of production.

Lighting is paramount to how your story is told, and more importantly, how it is experienced. Your journey is unique, and your lighting design firm should be no less.

Pamela Kupper

Founder and Principal

Pamela Kupper is a trained theatrical designer with over 20 years of experience designing theatre, opera, corporate events, archi-tainment and fashion projects. She also has a background in project management, which includes working on landmark façade projects. Her design approach for each project is holistic - balancing illumination and beauty. Pamela has designed lighting, dimming and control systems for theater and museum spaces. She also regularly continues to design theatrical lighting for live theater and events, which keeps her current on the ever evolving needs of the modern theatre. She is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829.

Brands we've partnered with

We have built unforgettable lighting designs for dozens of household name brands. Thesan is capable of honoring the legacy of major brands as well as shaping the voice of new brands with light and color.

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