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Lighting is a functional element of our lives;
design is a defining element of our experience.

Brands we've partnered with

We have built unforgettable lighting designs for dozens of household name brands. Thesan is capable of honoring the legacy of major brands as well as shaping the voice of new brands with light and color.

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  • Axon white logo.png
  • Belvedere white logo.png
  • Chanel white.png
  • Cointreau neg.png
  • DP white logo.png
  • Easai neg.png
  • estee lauder negative.png
  • Facebook white logo update.png
  • FourSquare white logo.png
  • H&M logo white.png
  • hennessy white logo.png
  • IBM neg.png
  • Infiniti Negative.png
  • Keys white logo.png
  • merck-logo white.png
  • Netflix white logo.png
  • New-York-Times-emblem.jpg
  • Nike white logo.png
  • Old Navy white logo 2.png
  • Porsch white.png
  • Prologis_logo.png
  • Rag & Bone white.png
  • RockCenter white logo.png
  • tffany negative.jpg
  • victorias-secret-logo-black-and-white.png
  • wobi_mantenimiento-1.png.webp
  • Youtube white logo.png
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